How to Turn a Resume Cover Letter Template Into Job Hunting Gold

Your cover letter is your buoy, it keeps you above water, and sounds a clear tone that hiring managers can navigate by.That’s a lot to ask of a resume cover letter template. But a template is a good place to start and with a little creativity, it can become a magnet for interviews.

Here are two easy tricks that will make your resume pop:

1. Automate. A job hunt is a letter campaign. It usually includes six letters: the networking letter, cover letter, the follow up, thank you, acceptance, and letter of resignation. Professional writing services will charge you for each letter. It’s not uncommon to see $150 for one version of the cover letter and thank you alone. On the other hand, you can find excellent software for around 40 bucks that will write all the different types of letters, include resume cover letter templates, and customize them for each company you apply to. It’s like getting a box full of professionals. Take the edge. You deserve it.

2. Speak to the objections you anticipate the hiring manager will have looking at your resume. Are you going back to work after an absence, switching fields, industries, or locations? Don’t dodge the topic. There are three reasons to take objections head on. First, no one else does, so its sets you apart. Second, if you handle it straight on without defensiveness, it’s a sign of your maturity. And third, they’re thinking the objections anyway. Pretending they don’t exist doesn’t help. But you can make good ground by addressing them.

Go look over your resume and write down any issues the hiring manager might find. Then lay them out. Let the hiring manager know you recognize the issue and answer it directly, and/or offer a one-sentence testimonial from a colleague or manager answering any concerns the manager might have.

That’s advice you won’t find in a resume cover letter template.

Look, everyone applying for the job you want is copying the SAME outdated cover letters you’re searching for. Don’t do it.

We’re talking about your career. Take just one more step and make your application rock their socks. It’s easy to do if you have tools and the intel. Here’s a much more effective shortcut:

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