Rules in Making a Formal Letter Template

People expect a formal letter to look like one, and not like a friendly letter. Here are some rules you should obey when you are making your template:

o Write formally, do not use contractions or abbreviations except when the abbreviations apply to a proper noun.

o Always put your return address on the top right hand corner of your letter and your recipient’s inside address on the top left hand corner but slightly lower than your address.

o You can put the date on the left or the right side of the paper above your salutation, but do not abbreviate the month.

o Use “Dear Sir or Madam” as your salutation only if you do not know the names of your recipients, but you should make it a point to find out their names. Do not use their first names in the salutation. Use “Mr.” or “Ms.” to address your recipients.

o The first paragraph should be short and to the point. It should state the purpose for the letter. In your template, you can write: “My name is and I am writing to you because”. You can simply fill in the blank portion when you want to use the template.

o The middle paragraphs should state the facts relevant to the reason for the letter. It should concentrate on the essentials and should be organized in a logical manner.

o The last paragraph should state what you expect the recipient to do about the first paragraph.

o Use only the following closing: use “Yours Faithfully” if you do not know the recipient’s name; “Yours Sincerely” and if you do; use “Best Wishes” only if the person is an acquaintance or friend.

Use these rules when you are writing a formal letter or making a formal letter template for future reference and you won’t go wrong.

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