Where To Find Cover Letter Templates

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Recruiters know when a letter has been more or less plagiarized from an online source and waste little time putting it in the bin. The second biggest problem is creating an over-elaborate cover letter. Therefore, you need to find a cover letter template that can easily be altered to suit your particular profession, is uncomplicated yet still allows you to stand out.

Be Specific

The easy thing to do is type in your job title on Google and take one of the templates offered on the first page of search engine results. However, closer inspection of these templates will show that they are still fairly generic. You are better off searching job sites instead. They offer useable samples that are relevant to your industry but can still be changed to include your distinct personality. It is also a good idea to check college websites. Almost all third level educational institutions have a dedicated career services team who post the best cover letter templates for their students. There will probably also be grant applications and sample business letters.

Look For Images

One mistake made by prospective employees is to search for the term ‘cover letter template’ only. This offers you hundreds of sites but they must all be browsed individually to see whether or not they are useful templates. This is a time wasting exercise that can be eradicated by searching for cover letter template images instead. Instead of having to click on every link, you will be able to move your cursor over each individual template saving you an enormous amount of time.

When searching for templates, it is necessary to dig deeper than what is possible with normal searches. Find specific examples that completely relate to the position you are seeking. For example, an entry-level job will require a different cover letter to that of a candidate applying for a managerial opening. It is okay to look at generic templates in order to give you an idea on style, but it is important to find focused examples to assist you with the all important content.

Changing Styles

For as long as cover letter templates have been available, their style has rarely changed. A usual sample will include 3 paragraphs of solid text. More sites are now recommending alterations to the style with a simple 2 paragraph cover letter becoming increasingly popular. Also in vogue are letters containing tables and lists of skills. While none of this guarantees you the job, at the very least it will attract the attention of the employer who may afford your application the time that is denied to others.

There is no doubt that online searches are the only efficient method of finding great cover letter templates. One problem you face however is the volume of candidates performing the same search as you are. Even if only 10% of searchers find the innovative template you use, this represents a lot of competition. Therefore, you must rewrite the template in your own words, being as original and creative as possible while always sticking to the point.

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